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Standard Upholstery Nails 1009 Pewter #2 - 3/4" Shank BD4

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7/16" Pewter #2
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Silverstone Nails
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Pewter #2
Nail Style
7/16" Head
Shank Length
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1009 Classic Upholstery Nail
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9 AM - 4 PM
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  • FFA (Fine Fabric Addiction Syndrome), Retro-Inspired, Window Treatments, Seating, Sofa Chair Chaise Ottoman, Pillows, Furniture, Interiors, Sectional, High End Fabrics, Designer, Walls, Mid-Century Modern, Crafting, Sewing, General, Drapery, Home Décor, U
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About this item

Silverstone Fabrics & Nails

Your nails will be shipped in a USPS flat rate box (size dependent on quantity).


#1. How to calculate how many nails you will need for your project: Measure the total inches of nails that your project requires and divide that by the diameter of the nail you have selected.

  • A 13/16" diameter nail will take  15 nails per foot

  • A 5/8" diameter 


     will take 20 nails per foot

  • A 7/16" diameter nail will take 28 nails per foot......this is the size nail that is considered the "standard" size upholstery nail

#2. What is a "shank"?

The shank of the nail is the depth that a nail can penetrate through the fabric/leather  and into the frame of the piece being upholstered. A 5/8" shank length is the standard length of an upholstery nail but they do make an extra long shank for projects with very thick fabric/leather or where the nail needs to go deeper into the frame to hit solid wood (antique furniture that has been upholstered several times can require this type of nail.........extra long shanks are not available in every nail design).